H car by Thomas Pastor, France

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Thomas Pastor works in visual effects for the film industry. His main speciality is bio-mechanical design which includes car design, robotics, spaceships and much more. He currently lives in France.


This is the new H car as “H” is for Hybrid which is electrical & Hydrogen. The H car is directly inspired by a flying saucer. The “H” car is a mix of a retro car with front & side blades, (3 horizontal side blades) with wide, large cockpit clearness. It has hidden wheels for better wind penetration, shaped with hard and smooth lines with big air extraction in front and on the side.

MEGALOPOLIS city will only accept zero emission pollution and also limited noise. It’s not just a new lifestyle product with a zero emission engine, but also a new philosophy of life. This is an every day car use for all family. MEGALOPOLIS = limited parking space – one car per family.

A new type of sound will seduce you by the silence of the engines. The wheels integrating blades will provide a new type of sound never heard before. Ecological movement and philosophy that promotes care ecosystems.

The H car gives us the feeling of driving for the first time, seating in middle of the front car. Limousine luxury, agility of a small city car, sports car silhouette with a very strong animal feel. All combined in one for the pure ultimate driving machine.

The main idea remains in the wheels, while driving this car, all propellers will rotate and create strong wind which will blow all single “wind mills” in each wheel. This will provide electricity, and possibly recharging directly in the sunlight. This will be the first wheel system using windmill to provide electricity for batteries – re-using the wind while speeding.

The Megalopolis characteristic of tomorrow will definitely be different from everything you have seen in the past matching American, European and Asian market.