Mohawk MCV (Multi-Configuration Vehicle) by Robert Marvin, USA

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Bob Marvin is the principal of Torque Consulting, focusing on integrated product innovation and marketing. He holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Mass. College of Art, an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and over 40 design and utility patents. Projects have included everything from consumer goods, medical products, toys and transportation, to a radio telescope array.


High–torque V-8 hot rod or responsible modular, flex-fuel hybrid–electric? Yes.  2-seater sports car 4 seat family car, or pick-up truck?  Yes.

Most Iconic American cars have featured great engines. This one is built around a front mounted-longitudinal V-8, but with the cylinders staggered like radial aircraft engines, so length is only 17.5“,  (Caddy Northstar is 31”) allowing packaging of electric drive motor/generator and transaxle in front of the motor.  The engine itself is modular, allowing 4-cylinder units to be built from the same tooling, allowing tight packing for an entire line of lighter, safer cars.

Base configuration is a two-seat pick-up truck, but with only a 110” wheel base for better handling and gas mileage.  The rear roll bar consists of an outer and sliding inner member. The inner bar slides back into the bed, opening room for 2 flip-up rear seats. The doors are in two-door configuration, but swing out on a 4-bar link parallel to the vehicle side, sliding forward to take up less space for safety and courtesy on busy streets and tight parking lots.  Optional caps are available, in 2+2 coupe and SUV-type configurations.

Iconic is more than just sculpture. The new reality is that there are limited resources available for new single- model vehicles, so a flexible platform design is required. Less environmental impact, more convenient features, and a good dose of fun, all while emphasizing the spirit of American high-performance.