Mutation by Jongpil Shin, South Korea

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Jongpil Shin is a man who wants to breathe soul into cars. For Shin, he believes it takes a lot of time, endurance and distress and also needs talent of a designer to think of new concepts.  When all these are put together in harmony, and when a new thing is born, he also believes there is the soul of the maker soaked into it. Shin wants to be that maker.


The next generation’s car of the USA will be full of emotional novelty that cannot be seen nowadays.
To find such a novelty, we tried to approach different material from normal car design, and we applied particular material of ‘wrinkle’ which is widely used in fashion to car design in pursuit of new functionality and style.

Normally it is single-seated car with compact body, but it can accommodate two persons by straightening its wrinkle in the middle. It can be transformed into two-seat car. In addition, the external wrinkle of the car swells upon car accident protecting its passengers.

The tire also has wrinkles which expand when accelerated. It reduces friction with surface increasing fuel efficiency. And the wrinkles are unfolded upon braking, and the maximized traction protects the passengers. It is electric car, and its cell is contained inside tire maximizing indoor space.