Nebula by Colin Pan, China

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Colin Pan, 20, is currently a third year student of vehicle engineering at Wuhan University of Technology, China. On the basis of paying respect to the past and sustainability, he is interested in exploring new possibilities, which always comes with a visual language of clean and simple. He wants to pursue additional studies in the field of transportation design to get a better understanding of design flow and marketing, while developing his own design style.


The American car is unmistakably one of the most unique species in the world. As a symbol of American society, these cars play a vital role in everyday life. And many of them make for a powerful connection and a much richer experience than the others. They will completely charm and disarm anyone who sets eyes on them.

Meanwhile, modern vehicle demands for better economic and safety measures, leads to changes in every aspect of car design. The nebula is a car for the average rich group for long distance travelling.

Many of the design features indicate the cultural heritage from classic American cars, like the low wide windshield. And to make up for the driver’s visibility, the cabin is surrounded by LCD screens, which uses argument reality technology.

With larger wheels, the car can reduce vibration and improve fuel efficiency. And with the luggage trunk located at the front of the vehicle, this car has a longer front buffer area and more aggressive proportion.