Route by David Eburah, United Kingdom

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


David Eburah, 22, is currently in his final year at Coventry University’s Automotive Design Course in England. He has experienced a range of art and design disciplines, from architecture and automotive design, to graphic and computer game design. Much of his spare time is spent entering a variety of related competitions which have led him to a number of international successes in the past. Concept design is a passion of his as it allows him to develop and create unusual designs with realistic influences.


The “Route” is a two-wheel vehicle built to accommodate one traveler. The design specializes in providing comfortable long distance cruising relying on automated systems, which offer safety and potentially speed beyond that of commercial flight. With a suspension system and motor built into the structure of the wheel, the Route is lightweight and energy-efficient with a low center of gravity. This unique wheel design also increases interior packaging space.

The key feature of the wheel is its built-in suspension system. By moving the hub-motors horizontally across the wheel via hydraulics (whilst utilizing the suspension travel), the balance of the vehicle can be altered, which improves handling dynamics when turning. Direction of the wheel is controlled through the support arms, which contract and expand providing both front and rear steering control.

The luggage area is packaged at the front above the reclined passenger’s legs. Interior walls are lined with computer graphic screens and surround sound systems, providing the passenger with a large array of entertainment and relaxation displays. These for example could be used to view the latest films, or discover a calming underwater environment performing in real-time to the movement of the vehicle.