Stretch by Jeremy Richards, Canada

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Jeremy Richards has recently completed Humber College’s Industrial Design 4-year Degree (Transportation). He is also a graduate of George Brown College 3-year (Graphic Design). Jeremy offers a total of 15 years of experience as a Graphic Designer, freelancing to local Toronto studios. His creative talents have been shared within the textile industry, designing rugs and wallpaper. What he lacks in Industrial Design experience he more them makes up for in understanding and recognizing markets and trends along with manufacturing.

Design to him is viewed as a creative experience that he wants to share with all. By paying close attention to details, his goal is to attract the viewer allowing them to explore and interact with every element of his design.

Challenges in everyday activities also drive Richards to include a flare of nontraditional elements in his designs, thus allowing the end user or target audience to experience a feeling like no other. Automotive design is one area that he finds his creative talents very useful to our changing world. He has found that through design he is able to help introduce and shape the necessary changes within our society that negatively impacts our environment. “In order to bring about change one must see that the change is neither non-hindering nor complicated,” said Richards. Through the use of natural shapes and colors he is able to articulate functions and advantages through design.


Stretch is a four wheeled electric powered car that transitions from a compact city car to a full sized highway safe vehicle with the press of a button, (slender enough to drive and park between vehicles). Propulsion wheel hubs make repairs and replacements time/cost efficient. The wheels pivot 180۫۫ allowing for easy maneuverability.

Two full sized adults are seated in line. The steering wheel folds away (drive by wire) for driver to enter and exit via front door. The rear door allows passenger entry and service the battery/computer unit which (stored under the seating).