SunTruck by Gabor Magyari, Hungary

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Gabor Magyari, 27, graduated from the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, Hungary, in 2007 with a specialization in Industrial and Product Design. After completing his degree, he established “Virtual Design” studio in Budapest with Zsolt Tarnok. As a designer-duo, they cover the globe as 35% of their clients are foreign and this number fortunately is growing. Besides car designing, they are working on home and office interior designs just to keep their minds fresh and updated of the latest trends.

Magyani’s awards include: a special award in the 2005 Audi Design Contest, a finalist in the 2004 and 2005 Hungarian Arts & Crafts Award, first prize in the 2004 L’Argus Design Contest and first prize in the 2004 GAIA Scooter Design Contest.


SunTruck is a concept of a new generation transatlantic highway cruiser. During the design period, the main goal of the exterrior design was to create a new body, but still represent the king of the road. It had to look friendly and safe. From the view of the driver it’s not a difficult requirement to deal with but from the aspect of other car drivers much more.

The steeply rising wheelfenders and hood makes the whole body very dynamic, like a running wildcat. The narrow air intake foreshadows the alternative power supply. It’s a dual suplied electric-drived design. The primary energy source is a high capacity diesel engine which always runs at a constant RPM and generates the electricity for the lithium-polimer cells that are placed in the platform of the truck. The constant running engine needs less cooling and maintance because it’s never overloaded. In a controlled electromagnetic field the radial-levitated wheels are directly driven without any physical friction causing a more efficient and quiet vehiclew, more like common trucks.

The secondary source is the fully suncell-covered semitrailer which also charges the cells or possibly can run all the tools like AC or the navigation system in the cockpit.

The sliding doors represent the new generation of trucks. Truck drivers are spending more time on roads like at home so SunTruck is the ultimate solution for a rollin’ living room. When the driver is taking a break there is no need to keep running the engine for heating/cooling the cockpit or using the kitchen accessories and the TV/internet. All these things will work by the suncells and the great battery farm without making any noise around or inside the truck.