Terrena by Marcos Ignacio Madia, Argentina

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Marcos Ignacio Madia, 23, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2004, he has been studying Industrial design at the Universidad de Buenos Aires with an expected graduation in 2009.

He combines the objects in design with his passion for cars. That’s why he works for the light vehicle design industry while enrolled in school. He is always open to new challenges, no matter if it’s hard. He has won some local awards as competitions are a good training aid for a student.

He is now planning to travel and make his career in the vehicle design industry.


America is a wonderful continent where you can find many different landscapes. The next American generation will look for vehicles which must be able to transit through several terrains. Responding to this tendency was born, TERRENA.

The exclusive tire system adapts the dimensions of the wheel to the different types of roads. This allows the user to drive the vehicle in a wide range of conditions. TERRENA enlarges the diameter of the wheel, while reducing its width and the height of the car increases. If sensors detect road conditions are good enough to drive fast, the wheels become wide and the height of the car decreases to provide more stability and control.

The propulsion is given by a V12-650 HP hydrogen combustion engine. This means that the car incorporates existing clean energy technologies that actually are being developed. In the safety aspect, the car is an evolution from another project for the 2007 Michelin challenge design called “Caparazon”. The exterior of the car is covered with a flexible material that would absorb the deformation of possible impacts.