Triber (TRIpole + absorBER) by Kim Jung Hoon and Bo Yung Yu, South Korea

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

Design Team

Kim Jung Hoon – Concept and Design
Bu Yong Yu – 3D modeling and rendering


Jung-Hoon Kim, 32, is a third year student of Industrial Design at Cheju N’University, South Korea. He was a web programmer before going into his childhood dream of industrial design. During his studies in industrial design, he began to focus on transportation design with the help of his professors. His ultimate goal would be to become a transportation designer, no matter where or how large or small the company.

Yong-Yu Boo, 25, is a third year student of Industrial Design at Cheju N’University, South Korea. He is pursuing his goal of being a 3D graphic designer, something he has loved since childhood.


Exterior Design: The main goal of my exterior design was to represent the male’s wide shoulder with muscles and a female’s waist-line which can give glamorous, classical American car feeling. Some of the Triber’s character code is adopted from Stars and Stripes.

Mechanical Concept:

  • Floating Cockpit
  • Two independent hydraulic suspensions linked between chassis and floating cockpit so it can absorb additional vertical and horizontal impact for more safety and comfort

Internal Airbrake Unit: When the conventional brakes are activating, front air intakes are open and the air starts to flow through the air tunnel. Each air tunnel has three airbrake planes at the rear section and these planes make air resistance and downforce. What I want to show in this mechanical concept is to reduce the possibility of any injuries and accidents as small as possible.