2010: APA Designers Panel

Hosted at the Detroit Athletic Club in May of 2009, electric vehicle design considerations are discussed by our panel of automotive designers.

Panelists include: Robert Bauer, Nissan Design America, Inc.; Bob Boniface, General Motors; Moray Callum, Ford Motor Co.Henrik Fisker, Fisker Automotive; and Doug Frasher, Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center. Moderated by Jeff Gilbert, CBS Radio.

Click on the chapters below to play each video segment:

>> | Opening Remarks: Tom Chubb

>> | A Forward on Electric Vehicles: Moray Callum

01 | Electric Vehicle Styling for Consumers.

02 | Electric Vehicles & Passionate Design.

03 | Public Perception of Electric Vehicles.

04 | EV Drivetrains, Cooling and Aero Factors.

05 | Classic Impact on New Design Forms.

06 | EV Occupant Safety Issues.

07 | Standardization and EV Battery Swaps.

08 | Ford Focus EV Design.

09 | Tires & Other Aerodynamic Factors.

10 | Charging the EVs.

11 | Consumers Desire EVs Without Compromise.

12 | Designer Impact on Battery Packaging.