2010: Showcase of Selected Entrants

The 2010 Michelin Challenge Design, “Electrifying: Beautiful, Innovative and Radiant,” was born of the recognition that there were a number of innovative technologies emerging within the technical and design communities to support the electrification of vehicles, as well as the renewed importance of an aesthetically and functionally beautiful execution. Michelin and the jury were looking for concepts that could dramatically improve energy efficiency and satisfy consumer demand for an attractive and usable vehicle design.

The jury selected 27 drawings for display at the 2010 North American International Auto Show, as well as 9 scale models. These works were complemented by the display of full-size vehicles including the Venturi Volage, the Nissan MIXIM EV, and the a replica of the first vehicle to go more than 62mph, the La Jamias Contente—an electric vehicle built in 1899.

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Full Size Vehicles on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Venturi Volage Venturi Volage
Entry: Venturi Volage
Design Team: Venturi
Country: Monaco

2. Nissan MIXIM EV Nissan MIXIM EV
Entry: Nissan MIXIM EV
Design Team: Nissan
Country: Japan

3. La Jamais Contente La Jamais Contente
Entry: La Jamais Contente
Design Team: Cie Generale des Transports
Automobiles Jenatzy
Country: Original – Belgium
Replica – France


Scale Models on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Universal City Truck Andrey Khrenov
Entry: Universal City Truck
Design Team: Andrey Khrenov & Alexander Fedotov
Country: Russia

2. Ford Model T-40 Eric Seung Hun Beak
Entry: Ford Model T-40
Design Team: Eric Seung Hun Beak
Country: USA

3. Switch Harry West Henriksen
Entry:  Switch
Design Team: Harry West Henriksen
Country: New Zealand

4. MINILUX - Solar Electric Leisure Vehicle Jukka Rautiainen
Entry: MINILUX – Solar Electric Leisure Vehicle
Design Team: Jukka Rautiainen
Country: Finland

5. GRIDCharger Robert Marvin
Entry: GRIDCharger
Design Team: Robert Marvin
Country: USA

6. LEEP Racing Team Robert Marvin
Entry: LEEP Racing Team
Design Team: Robert Marvin
Country: USA

7. ESC4 Nathan Wills
Entry: ESC4
Design Team: Nathan Wills
Country: USA

8. Lexus New Zeitaku Gary Shiu
Entry: Lexus New Zeitaku
Design Team: Gary Shiu
Country: Hong Kong

9. Dainese D-Lanesplitter Gary Shiu
Entry: Dainese D-Lanesplitter
Design Team: Gary Shiu
Country: Hong Kong


2D Renderings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Bungae Young-Roh Yoon & Sung-Uk Kim
Entry: Bungae
Design Team: Young-Roh Yoon & Sung-Uk Kim
Country: South Korea

2. Skylon Nikita Kalinin
Entry: Skylon
Design Team: Nikita Kalinin
Country: USA

3. iMo Anthony Jannarelly
Entry: iMo
Design Team: Anthony Jannarelly
Country: France

4. Vesna Kristina Magnitskaya
Entry: Vesna
Design Team: Kristina Magnitskaya
Country: Russia

5. TRIGON (Personal City Electric Vehicle) Alexandros TH Katinis
Entry: TRIGON (Personal City Electric Vehicle)
Design Team: ALTHEKA, Alexandros TH Katinis
(Designer Architect)
Kim Katinis
(Industrial Designer)
Country: Greece

6. Zeus Joao Miguel Dias
Entry: Zeus
Design Team: Joao Miguel Dias
Country: Portugal

7. The Yog Arun Thomas
Entry: The YOG
Design Team: Arun Thomas
Country: India

8. Self-Recharging and Safe Driving with Dot Tire Dongil Kim
Entry: Self-Recharging and Safe Driving with Dot Tire
Design Team: Dongil Kim
Country: South Korea

9. NLPX Peixin Li
Entry: NLPX
Design Team: Peixin Li
Country: China

10. MAGLEO Jaroslaw Koziel
Design Team: Jaroslaw Koziel
Country: Poland

11. SCARAB David Gonçalves
Design Team: David Gonçalves
Country: Portugal

12. Roller Sphere Krasimir Emilov Asenov
Entry: Roller Sphere
Design Team: Krasimir Emilov Asenov
Country: Bulgaria

13. MC 2 Keegan McClain
Entry: MC 2
Design Team: Keegan McClain
Country: USA

14. Biway Aleshina Ekaterina & Kamyshev Vitaly
Entry: Biway
Design Team: Aleshina Ekaterina & Kamyshev Vitaly
Country: Russia

15. E-Commuter Ho-young Joo
Entry: E-Commuter
Design Team: Ho-young Joo, Soo-han Cho, JinSeok Song
Country: South Korea

16. Fracircle Zhilei Chen
Entry: Fracircle
Design Team: Zhilei Chen
Country: China

17. Mutation1 Jongpil Shin
Entry: Mutation1
Design Team: Jongpil Shin
Country: Germany

18. Mesule Concept Jason Ho
Entry: Mesule Concept
Design Team: Jason Ho
Country: USA

19. Aero Cristian Armando Polanco
Entry: Aero
Design Team: Cristian Polanco
Country: Guatemala

20. 2028 One Sergio Benjamin Luna Soto
Entry: 2028 One
Design Team: Sergio Luna
Country: Mexico

21. Mo-Du-Lo Thierry Dumaine
Entry: Mo-Du-Lo
Design Team: THDUDesign
Country: France

22. P-Eco Jung Hoon Kim
Entry: P-Eco
Design Team: Jung Hoon Kim
Country: South Korea

23. SCARAB-E Goran Marinkovic
Design Team: Goran Marinkovic
Country: Serbia

24. FLIP Sunil Kharat
Entry: FLIP
Design Team: Sunil Kharat
Country: India

25. Veil Seong-Gu Colin Han
Entry: Veil
Design Team: Seong-Gu Colin Han
Country: South Korea

26. Road Runner Adriano Mudri
Entry: Road Runner
Design Team: Adriano Mudri
Country: Austria

27. Proteus Ryu Sungyong
Entry: Proteus
Design Team: Ryu Sungyong
Country: South Korea