2028 One by Sergio Luna, Mexico

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Sergio Benjamin Luna Soto lives in Mexico and is currently looking for an opportunity in transportation design. His is currently enrolled at ITESM, Campus Guadalajara in Industrial Design with an expected graduation in 2010.

He is skilled in many areas of design including 3d modeling, Autodesk Alias, Autodesk 3ds Max, Rhinoceros, Adobe, and sketching. He speaks two languages, Spanish and English and hobbies include drawing, driving and listening to music.

He is a two-time finalist in the car design contest, AMDA Jalisco in 2008 and 2009.


One Car
One World
One Solution

A car designed for future metropolis, where space is the most important thing. This car is an alternative for transportion for the future, it’s a one person car, that could be used to go to work, or the school, or to travel alone trough the city. The car is only two wheels, and is based on the segway mechanism, so it´s very light and clean.

The steering wheel is a joystick and the car can be completely driven by a computer. The door is the front windshield and when it opens, the center pad where the airbags are kept, slides into the bottom of the car to allow the access to the car.

The tire is very simple and it helps to have a second use for our regular tires that we use today in any car. This Michelin Concept tire is made by cylinders of recycled tire compressed and arranged into a body that use compressed air to push down this cylinders and make a suspension effect. The advantage of this is that you have more area of tire in contact with the floor, and the materials are very cheap.

There are more technologies in this car, like the windshield that can change from crystal to matte, and when it happens, in the interior there is a projection of what is happening in the outside. This could be very useful to fight vision problems in rain, fog, or night driving.

This car can be an option for transport and a solution to the traffic problems, like energy, congestions, parking and pollution.