Aero by Cristian Polanco, Guatemala

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Cristian Armando Polanco, 23, was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Since 2004, he has been studying Industrial design at the Universidad Rafael Landivar with an expected graduation in 2010.

He likes to design almost everything from product design to transportation design. He is always impassioned in every project that he develops. He gets very inspired by old school design style but always thinks about how is going to be the near future. Trying to be better every day, he has won some local awards from artistic competitions and illustration. He always challenges himself to be one of the best’s designers from Guatemala.


Aero is a convertible three-wheeled, mid-engine electric vehicle with rear wheel drive for two passengers.

The design concept is based on the shapes of nature. In order to suit an ecological solution I was inspired by air and water to create organic shapes. Simultaneously, the formal and functional aspects are influenced not only by elegance and simplicity of the 30`s car styles but with the “Formula 1” cars formal aspects.

The Aero body is made with compressed polymers; it is easy to build and recycle and its materials can be re-used in new or different applications. The vehicle is very light weight which allows to easily reach high-speeds with a small amount of energy consumption. Following the NATURE CONCEPT, the vehicle is painted with colors that represent cleanliness inherent in the water and air: Matte Dark Blue body paint mixed with a Pure White interior color and chrome details to emphasize the core of the concept.

The Aero concept consists of a three-wheeled system. The front wheels give the vehicle direction, each one of these has an individual motor linked to the steering wheel by a wireless system. In the interior of the vehicle the most important piece is the steering wheel. This controls the input and output speed system. On the top of the steering wheel are two buttons in charge of increasing or decreasing the speed. The right button allows for acceleration and the left one brakes the vehicle.  The vehicle has two LCD touch screens in front of each passenger which controls the radio, air conditioning and GPS systems.

Aero has three power alternatives: Wind Power, 120V Power and Solar Power.

Wind Power – In order to have a renewable energy system, the most important source of power for the AERO vehicle is the wind. By means of the wind power system the lithium battery is charged while the vehicle is in motion.

120V Power – The AERO vehicle can be plugged into any source of 120V electricity to start running the car. Afterwards the vehicle starts automatically working with the wind power system.

Solar Power – The vehicle has two solar panels located between the front wheels; day light is absorbed by these panels to power the LCD information system. Each of the three alternative power sources is stored in the vehicle’s battery.

Tire design – Michelin Aerogenerator is an airless tire made with compressed polymers with an internal reinforcement structure. The tires are covered with rubber to resist the asphalt and high speeds. The wind comes through the tire and the rim to generate the wind power by the rotational motion. The wind power transfers the energy to the fuel cells of the vehicle.  While the Aero is in motion the tire gathers the wind and creates more energy for the power system.

Aero is an eco-sport vehicle thas been thought to be an excellent way for green and sports car lovers to have fun at high speeds, enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Preserving our environment can be fun. Let’s not wait until it is too late.