Bungae by Young-Roh Yoon and Sung-Uk Kim, South Korea

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Young-Roh Yoon has been living in Seoul since when he was born and is looking forward to becoming a professional car designer. He has studied industrial design at SNUT (Seoul National University of Technology) and he’s interested in automotives design. He also is looking for what his own design language could be as a designer who has grown up in Korea, and of course trying to put it in to his design.

Sung uk Kim, 24, is studying at S.N.U.T (Seoul National University of Tech)’s Industrial Design Course in Korea. Past work experience includes working in the product design area from concept to manufacturing. His design achievements include Winner of Best Innovation in the Interior Motive Design Award and cooperation project with Kia motors. Recently he focused on a design project with LG Electronics as a member of genius design PGM.


Bungae is a concept of a new generation Witricity car focused on light weight and aerodynamic shapes making it more energy efficient. Normally, we use over 1000kg car to move 70kg human. It is quite wasteful.

But in the future, there would be many ways to reduce energy waste. One method which can use the energy more efficiently is Wireless Electric technology (called Witricity). It will prevent energy waste even in our vehicle.

Through this technology, we don’t have to contain any energy storages, like fuel tanks, or batteries.
We can be supplied electric energy, wherever we drive with Bungae and it makes this vehicle more lighter and more economic.

As a result for efficient consumption of energy, exterior design is focused on making simple aero dynamic shape. So this leads us to remove the typical front wheel for a low-front side. Instead of that, we adopt a small spherical wheel as a front tire which is based on magnetic suspension technology.

The generating system located rear side is fully different from any other cars so far. Bungae has 10 WIRELESS ENERGY-RECEIVERS in each rear wheel. In each receiver, there is a Tesla coil, which is main component that receives wireless elecrtic energy. The WIRELESS ENERGY-RECEIVER collects electric power from the nearest ENERGYSPOT. And it translates electric power to the powertrain, so this is the reason why this car needn’t to carry any batteries. Also the amount of energy that we spend is recorded by ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.