iMo by Anthony Jannarelly, France

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Anthony Jannarelly is a creative thinker and multi-disciplinary designer with a highly successful engineering background. A unique personality who thinks out of the box, explores new technologies and materials, and delivers a fresh and clear vision of our future lifestyle. He is also a natural entrepreneur who possesses excellent management and communication skills developed through three years of experience as a Jewelry Designer for the leading French company Marcel Robbez Masson.

After completing a Master of Art in Automotive Design at Coventry University, receiving the highest distinction, Anthony’s design skills and reputation in Automotive Design has been internationally recognized thanks to the Bolide and Apple iMo concept resulting in awards and publication in numerous magazines and websites, such as AutoExpress or Then, intending to answer the challenge of traffic congestion and pollution in our cities, he designed Neo One, a realistic crossover between a car and motorcycle inspired by iMo. Anthony is now looking for work as well as finding partners to keep developing and licensing the future iconic Neo One.


iMo is a robotic car based on the Apple philosophy which consists of applying a process of elimination to come up with simple and elegant solutions, by means of cutting-edge technology. iMo has been designed as a solution for saturated cities.

All of the features are based on the evolution of existing technologies by 2024.

This tiny two-wheeler is automated, storing itself at “iPark” locations. But, if you feel like driving, iMo features a holographic user interface that allows drivers to control the car through hand gestures. Need room for more people? Carve out some space in the infinitely configurable “soft sphere”, made of nitinol (a shape memory alloy), that molds to users’ needs.

Also the electric two-wheel technology requires no need for steering elements, no need for suspension assembly, no turning circle: iMo balances on two wheels using gyroscopic sensors and can lean on the side by changing the diameter of its wheels thanks to their structure made of a mesh of nitinol wires. Sensors can detect obstacles and the wheels adapt accordingly.