Mesule Concept by Jason Ho, USA

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Jason Ka Shun Ho, 20, is a Chinese-Canadian automotive design student. He is a currently a junior at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Automotive Design.

He was born in Hong Kong, China, and raised in Toronto, Canada. As a graduate from the renowned Enriched Visual Arts Curriculum at Toronto’s A.Y. Jackson Secondary School, he received both a CCS and General Motors Scholarship to pursue his interests in the automotive design field.

With a graduation date set in May of 2011, Jason’s career objective is to work with established international automakers in their expanding Chinese design operations.


The Mesule is named after the highest peak in the Turnerkamp mountain between Italy and Austria. It embodies the challenge and the spirit of confronting the unknown. The Mesule concept is a hybrid hydrogen-water vehicle used for solar panel planting. The vehicle is designed to travel through mountainous terrains to reach remote villages around the world. Its purpose is to install solar panels that power emergency response equipment for each designated region.

The inspiration for the concept is taken from the stone age arrowhead. The robust nature of the head as well as its forward pointing shape was a key factor of influence during the initial sketch phase.

The steering system is designed for off-road use. The turning ratio is twice the speed of a normal car when the vehicle is taken off-road. Once back on a speed regulated road, the steering turn ration returns back to normal and the speedometer rises into sight.

The Mesule runs on both hydrogen and water. Its key innovation is that the water exhaust from the hydrogen engine will be fed into the water engine. Each engine powers two wheels (front/back) and this allows the all-wheel drive power ratio to be constantly adjusted to match the terrain.