Road Runner by Adriano Mudri, Austria

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Adriano Mudri graduated from the University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria with a degree in Industrial Design. His past work experiences includes: an exterior designer at Magna Steyr Design in Austria, a freelance designer on the Ultima Project, and other internships at Magna Steyr during his university studies.

He used his brain to solve problems and create designs that do not only look good, but also work on an engineering and production level. He relies on his advanced sketching skills to communicate his ideas to others. He is proficient in Adobe CS, 2D graphics, Alias and SolidWorks.


ROADRUNNER is a truck for long-distance traffic in North American and Australian areas. A “new” fuel is being used, Hydrogen. The concept is for the year 2020, when fossil fuel supply gets low and expensive and allowed CO²- expulsion to zero.

With this new drive propulsion system, the whole package of a normal truck gets changed and switched. Nevertheless the truck is compatible with normal trailers and reloading points. This new approach is evident in the design and its appearance. It’s a big gain when it comes to distinction, which is very important.

Furthermore the driver gets a new seating position. He is seated in the center of the cabin and has more space in both directions. This is not only good for his comfort but also for better views. During congestion, he can trust his rear and front cameras, which also show the outside dimensions of the truck.
Very important features of the truck are aerodynamic improvements for less air resistance and reduction of noise development.

Fuel-cell stacks, which propel ROADRUNNER, are under the cabin and the hydrogentanks in the rear behind a safety wall. Hydrogen can diffuse without entering the cabin.

The design of ROADRUNNER clearly reflects the product language of his future “Hollywood influenced” target group and with its automotive surfacing there should be a strong distinction compared to actual trucks.