Roller Sphere by Krasimir Emilov Asenov, Bulgaria

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Krasimir Emilov Asenov, 21, was born and raised in Bulgaria and is currently studying engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. His ambitions for the future are to complete his education at the university and to begin working as an automobile designer. He is proficient in Adobe, Photoshop, 3D studio max and is fluent in three languages; Bulgarian, English and Russian. His interests are automobile design, airbrush painting and sports.


The electrifying of transportation is a very important process which is dependent on our quality of life in the future. That is why my vehicle will be operated by several, small electrical engines, which will be supplied by an accumulator battery and solar energy system (folio with solar sensitive cells which absorb solar energy and supply it to the electrical engines). They will be gearing with the tires treads.

The tires mechanism and movement of the vehicle are based on a “speed track system” (like caterpillar). The “speed track system” is composed by many treads, which are covered with elastic, stretchy, flexible and stout material (synthetic rubber). That is why the connection between the treads will be flexible.

The tire also may be built from driving-belts. Thus, it is possible to rotate around the vertical axis of the vehicle. The shape of my vehicle is spherical. The vertical position and the left and right turning are based on gyroscopic system. The handling mechanism will be realized by a joystick, which will be connected with the gyroscopic system. When we turn left – the vehicle will bend in left. When we turn right – it will bend right – like a motorcycle.

In the down half of the vehicle will be installed shock absorbers. The materials which will be used for the body of the vehicle have to be light (for example – carbon or titanium alloys).The safety will be guaranteed with a strong safe cage, air bags and seat belts. My vehicle also can be used for movement on metals like a small train (on left and right side there are furrows).