Self-Recharging and Safe Driving with Dot Tire by Dongil Kim, South Korea

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Kim Dong-IL, 25, is a senior at Yeungnam University. In his childhood, he liked drawing pictures and collecting insects much more than studying. Those childhood experiences laid the cornerstone for his creation of formative art works. He won an award in a furniture design contest the first time he entered during his study at the university.

That was a great opportunity for him to develop his interest and enthusiasm for design and adopt new perspectives toward objects. With great enthusiasm, he participated in the Formula Student contest in UK with his colleagues in 2004 and 2008.

In addition, he submitted art works and won an award for domestic and overseas design contest(NAGOYA DESIGN DO, Furniture design contest, Product design contest, Automobile design contest, etc). After graduation, He would like to become an automotive designer with innovative and new perspective toward automotive designs based on his experiences.


Method for Electric Energy Recharge

The rotation of wheels makes the car move. Motion energy is generated by the rotation of wheels. Based on that principle, the dot-shaped tire wrapping around the wheel makes the tire pressed inward while contacting the road surface, which makes the motion energy transferred to the electricity generation system inside the wheel. Therefore, the energy is generated while the car is moving.

The faster the dot tire hits the road surface, the more energy is created. Recharging the energy with dot tire is a new way to convert rotational kinetic energy of wheel to electric energy very effectively.

New Fashion Trend
The self-power generating Dot tire can help create a new fashion of cars. Various dot patterns will make tires become more practical and beautiful. In addition, users can choose their favorite dot patterns to make their identity more distinctive.

Color Variations
The electric energy of car increases as the car moves faster. The color of the car changes, depending on the battery level. That shows the energy condition and the speed of car.