Skylon by Nikita Kalinin, USA

2010: Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative & Radiant.

Drawing on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Car design in the 21st century means a lot more than just styling. Our generation more than ever needs to be environmentally responsible. We are charged with a mission to create cleaner vehicles and to provide solutions that help reduce the toll on the environment while moving people with ease and style.

Combining my love for art mechanics and racing, automotive design has become the passion of my life. My mission is to create green, sustainable cars that are smart, fun to drive and beautiful to look at.


Skylon the Electric/Hydraulic Big Rig.  Skylon is an ultra efficient, high speed modern truck inspired by Le Mans and the bullet-train technology for aerodynamics, stability and sustainability.

The truck features:

  • Integrated trailer with SmartPivot technology
  • Drag Coefficient of 0.23 (virtual wind tunnel)
  • Large solar panel roof generates power for all secondary systems
  • Solar panels double as active air brakes and stabilizers at high speeds
  • Lithium-ion powered in-hub motors
  • Hydraulic and electric regenerative braking
  • Luxurious sleeper cabin for two with lavatory
  • Single seat cabin for maximum visibility.