2011: Showcase of Selected Entrants

The 2011 Michelin Challenge Design, “Plus 10! The Best is Yet to Come,” celebrated the 10th year of this global transportation design competition by encouraging designers to present a vehicle that people in their region would enjoy using in the year 2021.

The 2011 Challenge resonated, and Michelin was amazed to see registrations double from prior years. With 1000 registrations and more than 500 entries, the jury selected 34 for display at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. These works were displayed along with the futuristic General Motors EN-V all-electric city commuter concepts and scale models developed by Hyundai designers. The Hyundai models were developed in response to an internal Hyundai competition called “myBaby: Visionary Transportation Projects.”

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2D Renderings on Display at NAIAS 2011

1. MBOLIC Colin Pan
Design Team: Colin Pan
Country: China

2. EALO Sang-Jun Lee
Entry: EALO
Design Team: Sang-Jun Lee – Main Designer
Kyung-Kuk Kim – Tire/Wheel Designer
Seoung-Bin Lee – Visual Designer
Country: South Korea

3. OU Choose Your Way 2:1 Industrial Design Team
Entry: OU Choose Your Way
Design Team: 2:1 Industrial Design Team
Alexandre dos Santos Turozi
Elisa Strobel
Ivandro de Barros Ribeiro
Jose Serafim Junior
Mayara Atherino Macedo
Rodrigo Brasil Krieger
Theo Orosco da Silva
Donato Goncalves do Nascimento
Country: Brazil

4. 2ice Ramon Ramirez
Entry: 2ice
Design Team: Ramon Ramirez Perez
Country: Mexico

5. Rugged Carlos Arturo Torres
Entry: Rugged
Design Team: Carlos Arturo Torres, C2R Engineering
Country: Colombia

6. Metaphysics Hui Wang
Entry: Metaphysics
Design Team: Hui Wang
Country: China

7. Michelin TRIO Sergio Ortiz
Entry: Michelin TRIO
Design Team: Sergio Andres Ortiz
Country: Colombia

8. Interface Lukas Kuba
Entry: Interface
Design Team: Lukas Kuba
Country: Czech Republic

9. Viera Gunwoong Kim
Entry: Viera
Design Team: Gunwoong Kim & Suji Kim
Country: South Korea

10. The Saddle Attila Tari
Entry: The Saddle
Design Team: Attila Tari, hypo-Design
Country: Hungary

11. Supple Sadegh Samakoush Darounkolayi
Entry: Supple
Design Team: Sadegh Samakoush Darounkolayi
Country: Iran

12. Met Kyu-Hyun Lee
Entry: Met
Design Team: Kyu-Hyun Lee, Sol Lee, Hae-Won Jo
Country: South Korea

13. Manta Concept David Cardoso Loureiro
Entry: Manta Concept
Design Team: David Cardoso Loureiro
Country: Belgium

14. Halcyon Ralph Tayler-Webb
Entry: Halcyon
Design Team: Ralph Tayler-Webb
Country: United Kingdom

15. Maininki Antti Eskeli
Entry: Maininki
Design Team: Antti Eskeli
Country: Finland

16. Aiolos Kyoung Soo Na
Entry: Aiolos
Design Team: Kyoung Soo Na
Country: South Korea

17. EC-Drive Federico Beltran
Entry: EC-Drive
Design Team: Federico Beltran
Ivan Orozco
Edmundo Platt
Country: Mexico

18. Stand Craft 122 Tender Eduard Gray
Entry: Stand Craft 122 Tender
Design Team: Eduard Gray
Country: Sweden

19. NGO Cristian Armando Polanco
Entry: NGO
Design Team: Cristian Armando Polanco Sosa
Country: Guatemala

20. Argish Artem Afanasev
Entry: Argish
Design Team: Artem Afanasev & Aleksey Kazakov
Country: Russia

21. XSense Shinsuke Aizawa
Entry: XSense
Design Team: Shinsuke Aizawa
Country: Japan

22. Sidewinder-Hybrid Dakar Support Jordie Lewis
Entry: Sidewinder-Hybrid Dakar Support
Design Team: Jordie Lewis
Country: Canada

23. Ing-q Xiaowu Huang
Entry: Ing-q
Design Team: Xiaowu Huang
Country: China

24. Uwall Lizard Zhi Min Lin
Entry: Uwall Lizard
Design Team: Zhi Min Lin
Country: China

25. Marketruck Pai-Ching Hu
Entry: Marketruck
Design Team: Pai-Ching Hu
Country: Taiwan

26. NLPXYOX Peixin Li
Design Team: Peixin Li, NLPX Design
Country: China

27. ATNMBL Mike Simonian
Entry: ATMBL
Design Team: Mike & Maaike
Mike Simonian
Maaike Evers
Laure Garreau
Country: USA

28. Minding the Gap: Seamless Transit for London Gabriel Wartofsky
Entry: Minding the Gap: Seamless Transit for London
Design Team: Gabriel Wartofsky
Country: USA

29. Nemesis Concept Car Dario Alejandro Narvaez
Entry: Nemesis Concept Car
Design Team: Dario Alejandro Narvaez
Country: Colombia

30. Misha Andrey Alekseev
Entry: Misha
Design Team: Andrey Alekseev
Country: Russia

31. Supersonic Marko Lukovic
Entry: Supersonic
Design Team: Marko Lukovic
Country: Serbia

32. Mercedes Benz MGDS ELA 2011 Mohammad Ghezel
Entry: Mercedes Benz MGDS ELA 2011
Design Team: Mohammad Ghezel, MG Design Studio
Country: Iran

33. UBICO Hugo Carlos Fernandez
Entry: UBICO
Design Team: Hugo Carlos Fernandez
Country: Spain

34. Ventile Thierry Dumaine
Entry: Ventile
Design Team: Thierry Dumaine, THDU Design
Country: France