2ice by Ramon Ramirez Perez, Mexico

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Ramon Ramirez, 29, Mexican, Industrial Engineer and a Designer, who likes everything about transportation and future life styles. He also likes making a difference on the world’s environment with new energy solutions and new materials.

He lives in the Caribbean seas of the city of Cancun, a great place to enjoy the nature and surroundings. He likes to drive and enjoy open places, and to admire a good scene like to be on the top of a mountain. He has design skills, such as sketching, painting, Photoshop, computer 3D modeling and rendering. He is passionate with fluid and organically functional designs. He is currently a freelance designer, looking for opportunities.

He has participated in a few design contests, since 2008. He likes to overcome himself and try new ideas. He admires other designers and sometime he would like to work with them in a future, to share and exchange some ideas and experiences to make even greater works.


Ecological Environments starts with Environmental People, and I believe that having this vehicle will change in somehow the way to take a good care of it.

“2ICE”, is a switchable transportation, based on a simple, practical vehicle, ecological and functional. With its inner rim electrical self generator power engine, it switches from a motorcycle to a two passengers scooter, that’s where the name comes from, ¨twice¨, as two times.

This vehicle has an electrical motor that generates enough power to run high speeds. Also while driven, it produces electrical energy, like a generator, that is stored on a long life Lithium battery, therefore it does not need to be plugged in.

It´s front hubless wheels are dynamos that also generate energy for controls (CPU), for its electric-magnetic breaking system and lighting. “2ICE” helps the environment and contributes to keep it clean.

This transportation target is people who love to enjoy surroundings and landscapes while driving as well as a city driving. It captures a motorcycle adrenaline feeling, almost attached to the ground for more speed sensation. And for a relaxing ride, it switches to a two seat passenger scooter. In short words, something to be free with!