Aiolos by Kyoung Soo Na, South Korea

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Kyoung soo Na, 27, is from Korea and received a degree in industrial design in 2009. He had exhibits at the Seoul Culture Foundation (Oct. 2008) and the Seoul Auto show (Apr. 2009). His awards include: University students car design competition, Korea _Shortlist (2009) and Incheon International Design Award (iida) _Shortlist (2009). His design skills include: Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator/ 3D MAX/ Rhino 3D/ Auto CAD/ Freehand sketching & Rendering.

Curiosity, Originality, Creativity

He thinks design is a form of language of communication to people. The background of language is the understanding of each other and in his opinion, design as communication tool, it should be interpretable. The three elements (Curiosity, Originality, Creativity) which he mentioned above are vital factors that he values most to design. He thinks design is the expression of creative and original thinking and these notions are based on curiosity and understanding of people. However, these factors are planed and performed under the category of understanding people. The design process is followed this method and he believes that this can lead people’s attention. Furthermore, it can make foundation of agreements.


The Seoul city decided to replace all city buses with the natural gas. But these movements, compared to the entire exhaust gas of Seoul, will be very insignificant. If so, what kinds of fuel should be used to keep our life the most safe and efficient without pollution?

Seoul is the capital city of Korea ranked the thirteenth largest economy in the world. The city is well-known by its large population like its well-matched name. In addition, it has spurred on building skyscrapers as the center of economy. Aiolos aims at creating a pleasant urban environment in which users can produce their own energy by using the wind generated from these building forest phenomena. The wind power resources along with the solar power are renewable and infinite energy source. It is also a natural energy which does not generate air pollution and the greenhouse effect. Seoul is more reliant on oil imports so that severe air pollution such as the greenhouse effect occurs due to the huge population, economic gain and loss, and resource disadvantages; however, it is not easy to find its alternative. Therefore, Aiolos is suggested to reduce the ultimate energy issue as a transportation vehicle itself generate electricity by using the wind power.

To sum up, it is moving wind power plant (combination of transportation vehicles and wind power stations).

The existing fuel supply has only been possible at the limited places such as a gas station or an electricity charging station. However, the benefits of self-generation system with the wind are to easily get energy anytime and anywhere, and it is free without pollutant emission. This can prevent the use of underground resources and does not cause serious air pollution. Therefore, it can be considered as a necessary element for a better life.

All systems of Aiolos are based on digital signals. Thus, the steering mechanism is that the number of wheeling left or right becomes different to move according to the angle of wheeling left or right. The invisible objects in the rear can be visible on the front panel by using the camera and a sensor can be adjusted to be suitable for the surrounding circumstances.

The Seoul city has a serious problem of the air. But, if cars are not changed, this problem will not fixed anymore. Nowadays, many car manufactures and scientists develop many ideas to reduce air pollution problem. However, even their efforts, air pollution cannot change to its former condition easily. So, I suggest aiolos. Basically It is not needed underground resources and people can use permanently by moving it. This can generate electric power as using adverse wind’s turning force of fan.