Ing-q by Xiaowu Huang, China

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Xiaowu Huang, 23, was born in Hainan, China. He is currently a fourth year student of vehicle engineering at Wuhan University of Technology majoring in Automotive Support Engineering.

His passion is cars and during his university studies, he has been learning about the automotive knowledge, and always doing vehicle-related things. He has been studying automotive design and modeling using Autodesk Alias Studio tools for cars. He prefers to design his own cars that are long for beautiful, simple and for a free life.

He likes his independence of thought from outside influence. He always thought life should be crystal clear, you have to know the hardship. Constant effort brings success. It is just as a drop. This is called the drop culture. By the ‘drop culture’ effect, he decided to design a car which will be a fusion of the spirit of the drops. He designed a car called the ing-q.


Intelligent personal mobile tool will replace the car, as the future of the human travel companion. Although simple, but are available to meet human needs good all-round service of humanity. The modular design makes the car more simple, secure and flexible. The future of urban transport will also be zero fuel consumption and zero emissions, zero congestion, zero accidents. As ing-q, the best is coming.

To reflect the ” the simpler, the better” concept, ‘ing-q’ uses the idea of modular design, because the modular design means high efficiency. Modular design is also a way to realize the ecological considerations. Simple shape, simple body structure, simple driving mode with the future – look forward to the simple personal lifestyle and attitude of the simple life that created a simple car – ing-q.