Maininki by Antti Eskeli, Finland

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Antii Eskeli, 25, was born in Turku, Finland and currently lives in Lahti. As a member of a car enthusiast family, he has been surrounded by classical car design from different decades since his early childhood.

He originally studied for a Business Degree, but early on after graduating he realized that it was not what he wanted to do with his life. As an avid drawer and someone with a keen interest in design, he decided to combine the two and is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. As a second year student he had the opportunity to participate in the Michelin Challenge Design competition as a part of their curriculum.

In the future he hopes to get a Masters Degree in Automotive Design and get to work with interesting people in varying projects around the world.


In the Nordic countries the need for transportation is simple but demanding. The driving distances vary from long to short and the seasons vary greatly as well. The vehicle should be as comfortable as a luxury sedan but also as compact as a hatchback when necessary and offering an ecological option with enough space for a medium sized family.

The design follows organic and fluid arches and aerodynamics were a huge influence. The sleek and calm form which follows through the whole design gives the car a very sculpture like feel.

He decided to use the Michelin Active Wheel concept in his design. Combined with the changeable chassis length, the concept is extremely well suited for the demands in the Nordic countries.

Long driving distances, varied seasons and compact cities demand a lot from a family transportation. Therefore his design can easily change from a city hatchback to a long distance sedan. His car was designed with the average Finnish family in mind.