Manta Concept by David Cardoso Loureiro, Belgium

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


David Cardoso Loureiro lives in Genk, Belgium and has dual nationalities of Portugal and Belgium. He is currently a project engineer guiding and managing solar projects.

He is a car fanatic and has been interested in car design since his youth. During his engineering studies in electro mechanics, he started making 3D design. He spent a lot of time discovering new design styles and frequently uploaded his designs on the internet.

His goal is to keep increasing his design skills so that one day he may achieve his goal as a car designer.


The Manta concept is a one person amphibious vehicle designed to have good handling qualities and speed in water. This electric 3 wheeler is perfect for people that live close to a lake and want to make a quick boat ride, without loading and unloading their boat from a trailer. The wheels are designed as blades and can be turned 90° in water to propel the vehicle. The rear wheels are individually powered by electric engines. Because this concept is relatively simple to make, it can be a low cost vehicle that gives the driver great driving sensations.