MBOLIC by Colin Pan, China

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Colin Pan, 22, has always dreamed of being an inventor since childhood when he was first fascinated by a fantasy concept vehicle from a poster. Since then he has become interested in all kinds of man-made mobility things.

After finishing high school, he decided to pursue a degree in automobile engineering. After finishing his four years in the engineering department, he is now deciding to switch to the creative side after graduation to continue pursuing a degree in the creative industry. This, he believes could help him express his creative potential.


With the increasing purchasing power of Chinese people, many of them want their own way of transportation. With more than 60% percent of the population living in small cities and rural areas, the anticipation of their own cars is diverse. For many young people, most of them can’t afford or do not need a full-size sedan for everyday use. They prefer a small electric bike or motor. As they grow older when they have a family and children, a compact family car is always preferred. It’s difficult for a single vehicle to meet all theses demands, so separating them into different modules can be an alternate way.

Modular design. Separate a single vehicle into two according to the user’s demands. By employing modern design and manufacturing technology to lengthen the life cycle of a product to decrease its carbon footprint.

The small single transport unit is a gyro-balanced vehicle for easy maneuvering in congested city traffic. The main body frame comes with a uni-body structure which provides for easy manufacturing and maintenance.