Misha by Andrey Alekseev, Russia

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Alekseev Andrey was born in Russia in 1982. He graduated from the university in 2003 (Graphic design). From 2004 to 2005, he was a designer in a large trading company. Andrey is a free designer. He teaches graphic design and computer technologies at the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts.

Andrey has been interested in automotive design since his childhood. He drew his first car when he was five years old. It was the small Russian car “ZAZ”. From that moment he understood – he would become an automotive designer or would work in adjacent areas.

He has been a finalist different automotive design competitions: 2006 – finalist “Russian Racing Car” Design Competition (The competition spent “Toyota Motor” and “Instituto Europeo di Design”); 2007 – Domus Academy «Desire Design» Car Design competition – grandee 30% master course; 2009 – Michelin Challenge Design 2009 «Brave and Bold»; 2010 – finalist “Sketch Fighter 2010 – SPD contest” (The competition spent “Scuola Politecnica di Design” and “Cardesign.ru”). He plans on furthering his education with some masters courses next year and to develop his automotive design career.


Siberia is very cold with a harsh climate. The winters are long and there is much snow that develop large snowdrifts. Spring and Autumn are cold and rain. Therefore, many times of the year there are climate problems and subsequent trouble with roads. Snow drifts, deep snowdrifts, dim roads, dirt, slush and many other road conditions are prevalent.

The concept has unique off-road wheels. This is a car for Siberia to drive without any trouble or headaches. The prototype of the car has taken on the Russian bear and has named it ‘Misha’.

Misha is a name for all bears in Russian fairy tales (the full name is a Michail). Bear Misha is associated with Russian people and with kindness and reliability. Misha always helps small kids and defenseless animals. It is a good family man and careful father for his little bears. He has menacing look but kind heart. The Misha car must look like kind, good bear and care about “his” family. And a family must care about it.

Misha is a family car. And considering the psychology of young families it has an asymmetric body. The left side is more dynamic and swift (for driver can think sometime that he/she is single/not married). The right side is more quiet and has a large child’s entertainment window (for driver understand that he/she has a family). It has a multiple-purpose electric platform, by wires control, four electric motors and unique wheels. Misha has the wheels that help in many difficult situations. It has sliding details similar to the paw of a bear with claws.

Misha will surprise and please and will be fun to drive and help in any trouble. Families will be thankful for the Misha car for his care and reliability. But Misha will tell them thanks and thanks to Michelin tires which help him to care about “his” family.