Nemesis Concept Car by Dario Alejandro Narvaez, Colombia

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Darío Alejandro Narváez was born in Colombia. He is studying Industrial Design at Icesi University in Cali – Colombia. His main interests have always been art and design. Right now he is developing his own projects about Car Design, Product Design, Illustration, Design Theory, and recently he’s being creating Concept Art and Designing Characters (movies, video games and books visualization) by hand and digitally.

He has participated in Product and Car design contests; he won the Ninth Design National Olympics in his country, also won a contest on designing an object for cement transportation for Argos Cement Industry, and had a mention from Domus Academy Scholarship Competition.

His short term plans are: having an international work internship in Product Design, getting specialized in Transportation Design and he would like to create his own Design Business about manufacture design, engineer and art.


Colombia has a privileged location on the planet: two oceans, three mountain ranges, forests and plains. Colombia has been considered as a continent-country, immensely rich in landscapes and unexplored places. It is the only country in South America with two coasts: the Atlantic and the Pacific. It’s located in the equatorial zone that provides the great variety of climates and ecosystems. The climate in Colombia varies from extreme cold in the snow, to the warmer sea level, with two dry seasons and two rainfall. Because of its geography and climate, this region is possible to observe the most varied ground types: snow, gravel, paving, asphalt, dirt, sand and mud.

It is a 2021 concept electric car. It responds to the geographical needs of my country. It’s a versatile car, whose car body is composed of two essential parts which allows for an open car and appreciate the nature and tropical landscape. The tire is the functional value that respond to changing conditions on the ground.

It is an aggressive car. Colombians are happy and peaceful but with a high sense of exploration and we are always willing to take challenges. It is a two seats car with a large pack in the back.

Némesis is an electric car (six batteries in the pack). The concept is defragmentation and functional versatility.

The NS tire depends of the ground type. NS has a hydraulic system powered by independent engines, each engine has 16 valves that allow infinite transformations (the valve size is 4 inches). The wheel has 4 points level A and 8 level B. The level A determines the basic function according to the ground (grip). The level B determines secondary functions (wet-breaking).

These are the basic configurations of NS tire:

  1. Gravel. Land: Levels A are extended and levels B keep their position.
  2. Asphalt-Pavement: Levels A and B don´t change. Wet. In this condition applies the configuration 1.
  3. Snow: All levels are extended.