NGO by Cristian Armando Polanco Sosa, Guatemala

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Cristian Armando Polanco, 23, was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Since 2004, he has been studying Industrial design at the Universidad Rafael Landivar with an expected graduation in 2010.

He likes to design almost everything from product design to transportation design. He is always impassioned in every project that he develops. He gets very inspired by the old school design style but always thinks about how things will be in the near future. Trying to be better every day, he has won some local awards from artistic competitions and illustration. He always challenges himself to be one of the best’s designers from Guatemala.


Motor Vehicle air pollution has become a seemingly inescapable reality of life in urban Guatemala City. The car space is already limited, traffic=more petrol are spent. The small cities of Latin America need small cars to transport into the cities. A small car has the advantage to permit you to drive into the traffic, parking almost everywhere in any way possible and allows you to move much better than a normal vehicle can.

For 2021, the environmental problems are going to be some of the most important to take care of, car space is going to be limited, and the price of petrol is going to be expensive. This problem is going to exist in every city in the world, and thus, we need to electrify the cars in the future and create viable solutions. More efficient electric engines and alternative ways to get electricity are going to improve the car design industry.

The design concept of the car responds to the necessity of personal mobility into the city, based in the shapes of nature.

In order to generate an ecological solution I was inspired by the organic shapes of plants. Simultaneously, the formal and functional aspects are influenced not only by beauty and simplicity of nature but by the aerodynamics and technology of sports cars.

The N-Go body is made of Thermoplastic Composite Materials. These new materials are tougher, lighter, stiffer, and have an infinite shelf life, can be recycled and perform better during collisions, they are suited to a highly demanding environment. Continuing with the green concept, the interior is covered with an ecological fabric made from bamboo.

Engineering design:

The N-Go concept consists of a four wheel drive system, each one of these wheels uses the Michelin active wheel technology and an individual motor that controls the vehicle direction linked to the steering wheel by a wireless system. The direction system permits you to drive into the traffic, parking almost everywhere in any way possible and allows you to move much better than a normal vehicle can.

To maximize the use of the fuels energy, the body of the N-Go was designed to have great aerodynamics; with less resistance to air and a lighter weight, less energy is going to be expended.

In the interior of the vehicle the most important piece is the steering wheel, this controls the input and output speed system, the steering wheel has a touch screen in the middle that displays all the functions of the car. Also it possesses a voice Recognition system to facilitate the driving experience.