Supersonic by Marko Lukovic, Serbia

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Marko Lukovic – Marko Design, (MA of industrial design and professor) and his team of specialists and experts have been successfully engaged in various fields of design such as: Industrial & Transportation design, Graphic & Packaging design, 3D modeling & Visualization, Rapid & CNC tooling. Over 10 years of experience and work for the top industry.

Award-winning at home and abroad, the most famous Serbian industrial designer of the younger generation, Marko Lukovic (age 33), a professor at the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. (State University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia)

In 2002, at the invitation of the Italian government, he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Bologna, and cooperation with Paolo Stanzani (constructor of Lamborghini “Miura”, “Urak,” Countouch “…), the project and modular sports cars, Bologna, Italy.

He has attended or participated in over 80 international and domestic exhibitions, professional conferences, seminars and jury memberships. He has 15 international and domestic awards for design.

He was the winner of the International “Peugeot Design Contest 2001” among 2000 offers from all over the World. Concept car Peugeot Moonster was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2001 as a Prototype.

Reference clients and projects: Realized Concept car Peugeot Moonster 2020 (France), Fiat Automobiles Serbia-Zastava – interior design, Iveco-Zastava Truck – truck design, Hybrid Flying motorbike MoonRider, X-ray medical device (Visaris) Plasmion medical machine (PlasmaTech Greece / Denmark), MFT electronic meter (Suma Electronics), PlasmaJet installation and PlasmaGun (Mackatica), GPS device(Geneko), kitchen faucet (Armal Slovenia), bottles of Bistra (Gamico), chairs SwingChair, ConForma, food packaging (VenenumApis ), a visual identity of musical Terazije Theatre, illustrations for the Serbian Company of Textbooks.

He has been a speaker and lecturer at over 25 international and national design conferences and as a member of professional juries (Barcelona-Spain, Delft-Netherlands, Bologna-Italy, Paris-France, Bucharest-Romania, Sofia-Bulgaria, Ljubljana-Slovenia, Zagreb-Croatia, Belgrade-Serbia).

He has been in over 80 international and domestic exhibitions (Paris-France, Berlin-Germany, Warsaw-Poland, Geneva-Switzerland, Frankfurt-Germany, Monza-Italy, Sofia-Bulgaria, Los Angeles-USA, Belgrade-Serbia).

Publications: over 200 magazine, newspaper and book articles,
-Book ”Serbian Who is Who?”,
-Encyclopedia “Concept car design, driving the dream” London,2003,
– Encyclopedia “1000 “Concept cars”, Koln, Germany 2008
-Textbook for the Arts,5th grade elementary school,Belgrade,2008.

TV: over 20 hours of TV material, National Serbian TV RTS, satellite broadcasts, English BBC, Fox TV, German RTL, French TVM6)


Belgrade (Beograd) is the capital of Serbia, and has a population of around 2.5 million. It is situated in South-Eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has since ancient times been an important focal point for traffic, an intersection of the roads of Eastern and Western Europe.

The magazine “Financial Times” has organized European cities and regions of the future for 2006/07 and, after winning the second round, Belgrade was awarded the name City of the future in Southern Europe. Belgrade has grown into a modern and futuristic megalopolis and needs a kind of efficient private transport within the city and the distant relations.

The architecture and design of SUPERSONIC is very radical and original comparing any car of today and many other concept cars. Two people could be carried, they sit in tandem (in-line, one behind the other) like in a cockpit of super aircraft. The aerodynamics are superb. The main inspiration is found on high-speed airplanes well known as Supersonic flying aircrafts.
The values of the aerodynamic and fluent styling are now dramatically emphasized. The extremely large Xenon head-lights are additionally equipped with blue LEDs, which suggest the very attractive and eye-catchy exterior.

SUPERSONIC has a three wheel based construction. Each of rear wheels is driven by their own powerful electric motor. The front wheel is hidden and two rear wheels are equipped by circle Neon blue lights for better visibility and safety in traffic at night.

SUPERSONIC uses new-developed light extra-durable electric batteries (an advanced lithium-ion battery) which offer a long life (a longer range than usual, about 190 km of driving at higher speed around the town, and about 300 km at lower speed).

The new innovation is that those three super-batteries are placed at the rear part of the SUPERSONIC. They are removable from the vehicle, so owner of the car can take those batteries to recharge them at any place where it is possible (home, office, hotel, or specialized public electric station ). There would not be a need to drive the car to nearest electric source anymore. At the same time, the batteries are a nice stylistic detail on the rear end of the vehicle.

The steering of the car is based on the Drive-By-Wire system. There are no mechanical linkages for the steering and brakes. The transmission is automatic. This leave a big space in the cabin and the rest of the car body.

SUPERSONIC is the car that satisfies all needs of the vehicle of the tomorrow which will be driven through and beyond huge urban towns of 21st century all over The World.

Safety is very important, too, besides the reinforced cage around car’s perimeter and door frames, there are three airbags in the cabin, one for the driver and two airbags alongside the vehicle.

Light materials such as aluminum (with few harder metal-parts) and composite materials are used for the exterior panels and inner safety cage construction. The vehicle is very light, but safe.

Access to the cabin is gained by lifting the canopy which is hinged at the front and assisted by gas struts.

Inside are electronic gadgets and a GPS navigation is connected via satellite to CTSC (City Traffic & Security Center) which assists and suggests crucial activities to all drivers in some specific area. “Automatic pilot (driver)” mode is a standard feature.

For the best possible visibility and connection with the social environment, the whole of the roof is made of photosensitive glass, to stop the passenger from heating it could be instantly darkened with liquid crystal.

SUPERSONIC is concept-car oriented to the urban mega-societies, and its looks unearthly!