Supple by Sadegh Samakoush Darounkolayi, Iran

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Mohamad Sadegh Samakoush, 19, is a mechanic engineering student. He has been working in the industrial design field for the past two years with experiments on electric car designs and building an electric car. Supple is his latest creation.


In my design (supple), the machine is balanced in a globe wheel, and that globe is controlled with a tow server motor and one processor, so supple can go very easy to every side. So supple in traffic it is the victor because it goes to every side. It can go front, back, left, right and even loop.

The supple is prepared for a wireless network. Supple is an AGV (automatic guide vehicle) machine. The driver has to just click on the GPS map on the console and supple will take the driver to that location without any other effort from the driver.

The tow server needs a super computer and has a processor – for example 50% supple machine and 50% processor.

The supple can change to: a single supple for one person; 2 supple to be a motorcycle for one or two people; 2 supple for a two person automobile or 4 supple for a four person automobile. The result is that supple can change and develop the next vehicle of the world.