UBICO by Hugo Carlos Fernandez, Spain

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Hugo Carlos Fernández is a 26-year-old Industrial Design Engineer.

Having achieved a degree in Industrial Design Engineering at A Coruña University (A Coruña, Spain), he enrolled in Coventry University (Coventry, UK), where he was awarded with a MSc in Design and Transport.

After working for a company involved in the design of exhibition showrooms and stands in A Coruña, he was awarded 1st prize in the 12th Autopista Design Competition, sponsored for Spain by Autopista, -a prestigious automotive magazine in his country-Nissan and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

In his second participation in a design contest, the 2011 Michelin Challenge Design, he ended up finalist with his UBICO project.

As an Industrial and Transportation Designer, Hugo has a special interest in the generation of new transportation concepts involving trucks and cars, among other vehicles. He is also currently exploring the possibility of combining architecture and transport to generate new possibilities of movement of people, goods and even buildings.

Hugo is currently developing his Final Project for the Masters Diploma in Automotive Styling and Vehicle Concept Design by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Valencia, Spain).


Transportation by truck in 2021 Europe will have to be fast, competitive, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly. UBICO is a proposal for a novel Truck System that rises to this challenge through modularity and creativity. UBICO is unique because it proposes an innovative solution for truck transportation by drawing its inspiration from art movements, ISO container standards and architectural concepts.

UBICO is not just a truck. UBICO is a “Truck System”.

UBICO Truck System is based on the concept of modularity. By deriving ideas from artistic movements and movable architecture from the 60’s, UBICO reaches an effective solution for truck transportation in 2021 Europe.

The use of drive-by-wire systems, electric engines, solar energy supplements, modularity and cranes, among other things, makes UBICO a Concept Truck providing a full array of solutions for 2021.

In the European field of trucks in 2021, saving time will be the key. Moreover, many truck drivers complain about how unsafe it is to sleep in rest areas owing to frequent attacks by robbers.

The UBICO Concept combines the idea of modular trucks with a System of UBICO Centres located in the most important European motorway network hubs.

Competitiveness, safety and comfort for the truckers are improved since:
-The goods hardly stop, reducing the delivery time.
-As the trucker doesn’t sleep in the truck with the merchandise in back, the risk of robbery disappears.