Uwall Lizard by Zhi Min Lin, China

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


As China’s economy and power of consumption increase, automobiles in China will increase in number as well. However, since there is limited space for roads in an urban setting, a city will become more and more crowded as time goes by. According the concept of U-shaped city streets of the future as developed by U-wall Lizard, a two dimensional road will be transformed into a three dimensional road, effectively utilizing the limited urban space. Pedestrian sidewalks built on an U-shaped road will lead to a decrease in traffic accidents and an increase in transit efficiency.

Modern love travel and adventure, U-wall lizard can provide them with greater power and better features.

U-wall lizard in U-roads, more efficient use of urban space. Reduce traffic accidents and improve the efficiency of urban transport. U-wall lizard’s feet touch the wheel after stretching for five. Can make it highly active driving on the slurry, desert, hills. Can shrink to a complete wheel.

The structure of tread is based on the house lizard’s foot. Wheel using the intelligent control system, four-wheel independent drive power is power.