Viera by Gunwoong Kim and Suji Kim, South Korea

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Gun-woong Kim, 24, was born in South Korea and is currently majoring in Industrial design at the Kyung-won university in Korea.

Su-ji Kim, 23, is majoring in Industrial design at the Kyung-won university in Korea and they belong to the ANALOG which is a Industrial design group at Kyung-won University.

Recently, they received several International competitions prize; IIDA2009 (Incheon International design award) & SCDC 2010 (Seoul Cycle Design Competition).

They always try to challenge many competitions for build up their skills.


As most people know cars are the main cause for air pollution. But these days, the development of electric cars and eco friendly energy enabled do not discharge pollution substances. But, there is still a lot of air pollution going on around the earth and global warming rapidly continues. To these situations, we found the answer in transportation, the owned vehicle. VIERIA will make the city clean and pleasant.

Vieria is suited for people who work downtown and live out of town. The legs of four crossed from forms of scissors are transformed into appropriate forms during driving in the rush hour and secluded the highway. It provides you with driving comfort and dynamic.

VIERIA makes for a clean and green city. The intake attached in front of the VIERIA inhales
pollutants, dusts through the filter and exhales clean air through the outtake and it emissions Anion.

This dirty air remained as ever. To these situations, VIERIA has purify such air by using air purification filter. We are sure that VIERIA will make the city environment more clean and pleasant.