XSense by Shinsuke Aizawa, Japan

2011: Plus 10. The Best is Yet to Come!


Shinsuke Aizawa, 26, is from Japan and is currently studying at Tokyo Communication Art inspiring to become an automotive designer. He received an Architecture degree form Oyama National College of Technology and had a design project with Suzuki and an internship with Honda. Besides his selection in the 2011 Michelin Challenge Design, he won the 2009 Toyota Universal Design Competition.


In the years leading up to 2021 in Tokyo, infiltration of the IT technology gives rise to a
new era of personal mobility.

A 25 year old in the digital-nativ generation who lives in a convenient society that unnecessary wants to move and use the body. They feel pressured in the virtual world, and, on the contrary, request the reality.
Their sense of values wants to recognize pleasure where five-senses are sharpened by wanting to value the human nature.

The user’s lifestyle centers on the upbringing of five feelings and individuality. The work of the user is five-sense business. The private looks for a real User’s own real experience, and the motto of the active is its face to face.

The request of the Tokyo user, where there is high density, is it intuitively proposes the mobility that is driven and can operated by the thing that is suited to the body high and connected with the brain of the driver.

This mobility is composed of three legs and head units. Three legs gives the sense of touch that feels like its own body with the connection user’s upper-body to a mobility’s hind leg and lower half of the body to the forelegs. The Head-unit makes an improvement of the perception ability which is caused by connection to the user’s aural and sense of smell and taste. The user doesn’t feel the existence of the head unit by the thing that synchronizes with the users head the head unit and moves, and the view of 360°.

The density of the building and the population is high in Tokyo. A public organization develops along with it, too and a young person’s car parting is advanced more and more. More convenient life is possible according to the IT infiltration. However, there is a problem that the stress builds up for man in life that cannot use senses.

The number of young people brings up whose value of the lifestyle that highly efficiency and individuality will increase in the future, and a real experience is requested.