CALI by Peixin Li, China

2012: City 2046. Art, Life & Ingenuity.


I am from CHINA, and now I was a Design director for NLPX DESIGN company. NLPX owns the most competitive first-class design team and the equipment, automotive design industry with a wealth of talent and technical experience to provide high-quality standards based on international quality automotive design services and full-vehicle design process control.

“Ideological drive the future”, the company of intellectual development as the core element in the design of car culture with China’s national car Technical concept, positioning in the high-end business-oriented, to provide customers with world quality standards and design quality can be manufactured for the city of Market philosophy. NLPX creative, A-class design, conceptual design, Clay modeling, model making, designing cars decorated inside and outside the open Body engineering, structural design.

Design Brief

2046 in Shanghai city, along with the development of material science and technology, and new technologies, new outlook on life, the emergence of automobile design also will enter a new era.

This time I design concept car name is CALI, name of the game is the first letters theme, (City, Art, Act, Ingenuity)

With new memory materials CALI, body material can be arbitrary stretching. Through the frame is adjustable.

CALI can be as simple as a person also can be turned into small cars, small cars, two personal driving through the chassis and the chassis telescopic deformation can be changed into three or four, personal vehicles. Meanwhile glass can also stretch of new materials, so as to solve 2046 most people are concentrated in cities, to bring the city traffic congestion.

CALI tire design is also a kind of arbitrary deformation design, material selection on the same number according to different, grows wider or narrow. Through this change can reduce automobile in one or more persons in the process of energy is wasted driving.
Interior adopts retractable materials, chairs to seat themselves by drivers free to design the posture

Through different tensile, can mix a different cockpit. The driver’s position can also free arrangement, no longer restricted by fixed position limit.


The CALI bring people feel that more is he a free feeling, flexible figure. And have more easily adaptable to a variety of changes without pavement tyres.
CALI can become:

  • One seat car
  • Two seats for car
  • Three seats in the car
  • Four seats car