EVO by Fabien Pace, Armand Herve, Magomed Oumalaev and Anatole Vaillant, France

2012: City 2046. Art, Life & Ingenuity.


Fabien Pace:

  • 5th year in transportation design at ISD (France)
  • 2011 : GM Europe Opel 6 months internship – Germany
  • 2010 : COMMENCAL Bike 6 months internship – Andorra

Armand Hervé:

  • 5th year in transportation design at ISD (France)
  • 2011 : Mazda Europe 6 months internship – Germany

Magomed Oumalaev:

  • 3th year in transportation design at ISD (France)
  • 2011 : Yellow Window 6 months internship – France

Anatole Vaillant:

  • 1th year in Digital Design at ISD (France)

Design Brief

We reconsidered the notion of personal mobility and discerned ‘personal’ from ‘individual’. Personal means above all freedom of movement and not the possession of vehicle!

We interested in “”Grand Paris”” architecture project to define a concrete context established by renowned architects.

EVO is a sharing vehicle for Paris which solves problems of mobility in the city and in lower density areas. It is a personal mobility service versatile and iconic inspired by Parisian trends and by the French Touch aspect (haute couture, fashion and fabric, refinement, innovation, creation, art).

EVO is available in many stations dispersed in Paris. It drives you to your destination and return to the nearest underground station.

A revolutionary technology serving the city: allows efficient storage of rental vehicles and therefore to clear up the cityscape (no storage tower, no car, no parking).
We think it fits to the 2011 theme requirements of the Michelin Challenge Design because it registered itself in a prospective Scenario of a 2046 City and seems to be a good alternative to the personal car.

We present the project in 4 boards :

  • Art : inspiration of Parisian trends
  • City 2046 : Our service and the Paris evolution in 2046
  • Life : Live on board
  • Ingenuity : technology and innovation incorporate into our design

How does your design answer the anticipated preferences, lifestyles and transportation needs for the people in your country or region?

We choose to develop a vehicle for Paris. Our concept answer to the anticipated preferences, lifestyles and transportation needs because it is versatile (able to carry 2 to 4 passengers), it is a self service vehicle so you don’t need to take care of it. Then it is an automatic drive vehicle so there is no traffic problem, no parking problem (because vehicles go back to their station before use) and no accident. Its automation device made EVO a very safe vehicle! It is customizable and allows a large variety of activities on board. It is an electric vehicle adapted to short daily travels (30 km/30 min).

What makes your design unique?

EVO refers to its Evolving ability and it represents one possible way of personal vehicle evolution.

Our design is unique because we attached a great importance to imagine a design with a shape which follows the function. It was very important to show from the outside that the size of our vehicle can evolve (according to the number of passengers).

Vehicle designed for its use period and rest period: intelligent storage and small footprint on the roadways.

What technologies, innovations, lifestyle needs and concepts have you incorporated into your design? How?

In our vehicle we choose to use a “”technical base”” which gathers batteries, electric motor wheels, and an automatic pilot device. Then above, we choose to use the Electro Active Polymer technology to allow the morphing. With an electric shock, this material has the particularity to contract or expand itself. Then in the interior we choose to use a slates floor. According to the movements of the outside, the interior proposes 4 places face to face improving the exchange or 2 places more comfortable. In the interior passengers can find an interactive interface with which they can interact on the direction, the music, the temperature, the color ambient, the opening of the exterior slates… They don’t need to drive. So the vehicle becomes a new kind of “mobility plac”” where people can speak and do different activities without need to be concentrated on the road.