Jeep Unlimited by Geeho Cha, United States

2012: City 2046. Art, Life & Ingenuity.

Design Overview

Jeep Unlimited 2046 is designed to address beach life style in the future. This car is a high speed amphibious car that can go up to 70 mph in the water. Highly integrated with functional boat design and beauty of the car design. This car is a absolute fun weekend vehicle that everyone is dreaming to have in the beach.

How does your design answer the anticipated preferences, lifestyles and
transportation needs for the people in your country or region?

Beach life style in 2046 and also thinking about my customer’s career this vehicle is designed. Rio de Janeiro is one of major cities in Brazil and located at very nice beach.

What makes your design unique?

Amphibious car equipped with rescue mode for any rescue purposes in the water

What technologies, innovations, lifestyle needs and concepts have you
incorporated into your design? How?

First, this car is amphibious which means design is integrated with beauty of the car but function of the boat. Absolute unique style with technologies to make this vehicle to fully functional speed boat in the water.