Jeweline by Thierry Dumaine, France

2012: City 2046. Art, Life & Ingenuity.


  • 52 years old
  • live in Nice – France
  • art teacher for kids
  • practise design and graphism for the fun
  • build special bicycles
  • my car is a bike

Design Brief

With jeweline, I wanted to associate the practical side ( automatic vehicle and virtual touch screen ) with the comfort (flexible sieges), the beauty and the luxury with its diamond body and the four fine white leather couch

Jeweline is a summary of technology ( automatic drive and energy induction system ) and style (effect diamond and inclusive work of art)

How does your design answer the anticipated preferences, lifestyles and transportation needs for the people in your country or region?

  • Paris is a very beautiful city with numerous monuments
  • People prefer to admire the landscape rather than to concentrate on the driving
  • Paris is considered as capital of the fashion and the luxury
  • People will have pleasure to move inside a jewel.

What makes your design unique?

  • Design is based on a concept of luxury and privacy
  • It was specially designed for Paris city
  • The body is like a diamond
  • Its transparency makes it little intrusive
  • All the vehicles which move in the city are as the precious stones of an immense necklace