Soleil by Emre Gurel and Caghan Engin Cesmeci, Turkey

2012: City 2046. Art, Life & Ingenuity.


Emre Gurel
Graduated from the faculty of economics and administrative sciences, has a bachelor in economics, enthusiastic for automobiles. As a hobby, design has always been in his life. Knows Turkish, English, French. Currently working as an Interior Designer.

Caghan Engin Cesmeci
Has a bachelor degree in Industrial Design, and a Masters degree in Car&Transportation Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design. Had an internship at Grundic AG and Ford Motor Company. Knows Turkish, French, English, Italian

Design Brief

Soleil is a two seater city car for crowded and historical cities like Paris where it is impossible to reconstruct the narrow streets. As a result, more traffic jam and lack of parking spaces are anticipated for the future. Soleil is a high tech minimal vehicle which solves the problem of finding parking spot; with a push of a button, it foldes into a luggage that you can carry and charge everywhere even at your apartment.

The use of rubber like material enables to fold and protect the passenger from the outside environment. The frame is made of a light-weight and strong material for maximum protection. Its slick and aerodynamic design makes it a passionate personal vehicle.

How does your design answer the anticipated preferences, lifestyles and transportation needs for the people in your country or region?

As of these days, the anticipated global concerns of old, historical cities like Paris is traffic jam and lack of parking spaces in ever-growing number of vehicles. In my vision of future only narrow vehicles will be allowed to travel in narrow streets and historical centers of cities.
Soleil will be in harmony with the environment by increasing the efficiency of streets and lanes. By transporting two people back to back and folding pecularity of my design enables better use of streets and spaces.

What makes your design unique?

The folding pecularity makes my design unique so that there will not be any need for parking spot. And also, you will be able to charge it everywhere, even at your apartment.

What technologies, innovations, lifestyle needs and concepts have you incorporated into your design? How?

Magnetic levitation system is used for propulsion, the wheels are the engines themselves. A high tech rubber like material is used for the body to fold. The frame is very light and strong material for maximum protection.