Taihoo Concept 2046 by Hao Huang, China

2012: City 2046. Art, Life & Ingenuity.


My name is Huang Hao, 22 years old Chinese transportation design student from the academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua university, Beijing. I grew up under the impact of China’s traditional culture. When I was a child, I was attracted by the variety of the transportation. I think it is the transportation which makes human life free and rich, so my goal is to be a car designer.

The vehicle brings much convenience to our social life, but creates at the same time huge problems in China, such as the environmental problems, congestion and so on. I want to release my energy in this area and do a favor to my country, which made me certain to be a car designer. When I was 7 years old, I started to learn traditional painting. I begin to learn the basics of industrial design, when I entered college in 2008, 2010 I began to receive professional education in automotive design. In the winter of 2010, I attended a car design competition for the first time and I was nominated with the best interior design award; In the summer of 2011, I got the opportunity to do my internship at PATAC and so my dream of being a professional car designer’s is getting closer and closer.

Design Brief

Chinese young people will be the backbone of consumption in China, so I choose them as target user.

Chinese people need a car to agree with their aesthetic needs, especially for young people.

They don’t want to follow others, so the inspiration is totally from China. The interior design is also for their needs.

How does your design answer the anticipated preferences, lifestyles and transportation needs for the people in your country or region?

Taihoo’s target users concentrated in the 18-35 year old young couples, meeting their everyday life and holiday outings. they will be the backbone of consumption in China.

China is the birthplace of the East Stones culture, since ancient times the Chinese people have been crazied about the stones. At the same time, the stone plays an important role in Chinese gardens. Taihoo`s styling inspiration is from the Taihu Stone, also named porous stone. I combined Taihu Stones’ porous and transparent with refined features into the body shape to suit the shape of the Chinese people for the unique understanding of the United States.

What makes your design unique?

The design inspiration is from China , so the modeling is agree with aesthetic needs of Chinese people.

Special interior design can easily become a camping tent which can be used for the suburbs.
This meets the young man needs.

What technologies, innovations, lifestyle needs and concepts have you incorporated into your design? How?

The window is a spherical screen, users can watch movies or have other entertainment activities.

The spherical front wheels can change directions. The meshy bed is made of high-strength fibre.