Air Car by XiaoQuan Qian, China

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



XiaoQuan Qian is from Suzhou, China and has been an industrial designer for ten years.


According to the data from TOP GEAR, there is an increase of 38,000 new vehicles in China every day. Parking and traffic jams will become worse, and it troubles a majority of people who live in international cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. In addition, with the escalating gasoline prices, the cost of using a car is higher and higher. AIR CAR, which uses the air body, reduces parking space and bodyweight to minimum after venting; even if a slight accident happens on road congestion, there is no need to pay annoying repair fees. If it drops into the river by accident, the air body will also float on the water. With battery-powered, you will never pay the high oil price costs. This relaxing and stress-free car is the humanization extension of the automobile lightweight.

What is the lightest? The answer is “nothing is the lightest”. Our natural world is comprised with three states of matter: Air, Liquid and Solid. Air should be regarded as the lightest, that’s the original concept of Air Car.

Air car acts as car body with air – air filling and releasing of the interesting mechanical properties to solve a lightweight body, ride comfort, driving safety, the door opening and closing, when the collision and felling into the water, the body acts as air bag and lifesaving equipment. Waterproof, flexible, delicate touch of functional fabrics, not only can enfold the body after venting, reduce the parking space, but also give the car more interesting and emotional.

Lightweight reflects not only the physical quality of the car itself, but also runs through the relaxed lifestyle, a random combination of interior is convenient for user close to nature with friendly, real-time relax.