bemoove by Andrea Filogonio, Italy

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



Andrea Filogonio is a strategic designer and creative director with 15 years of professional experience. He decided to become a designer when he was six years old and since then, there are few areas of design he hasn’t explored: from transportation, through furniture and lighting, to breakfast mugs, to name but a few.

He achieved  his master’s degree in industrial design and visual communication and since the beginning has been collaborating with leading international brands. For sure, you should have enjoyed his products around  the world. They’re recognizable by a strong sense of surfaces and curves, not to mention a bit of humor. He made design his lifestyle and firmly believes that nothing is impossible. For him, design is vision, passion, sense and charisma. (


“Bemoove” has been designed by Andrea Filogonio to be lightweight. The main frame in carbon fiber with controlled deformation so as to function as the primary suspension. But the real revolution is in the cab frame – inflated with a very high-pressure air mixture and resting on a base of carbon fiber, it is linked to the main frame by three shock-vibration dampers made of carbon fiber and polymer.

The main steering device is the spherical rubber-Kevlar back wheel, moved by electric engines in any XY’s plane direction. Controlled torque is applied to the support-case of this wheel to make the two main frame arms free to swing and accommodate curves and uneven ground. Traction is provided by four rubber-Kevlar tape-shaped tires which rotate independently forward or backward on their guides thanks to four electric motors positioned in the main frame, so as to maximize traction and minimize turning radius.

The vehicle has been designed for very large cities and, due to its low weight and reduced tire friction, allows for greater autonomy. The large wheels provide the best comfort.