carDboard by Thierry Dumaine, France

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



Thierry Dumaine, 53, lives in Nice, France and is an art teacher for children. He practices design and graphics as a hobby as well as building special bicycles.


It is a minimalist car – no door, no built-in dashboard, no hard roof, only one color, cheap materials for a minimalist price and weight. Full hybrid car with gasoline, compressed air and electrical energy – wheels can recover energy from the wind.

Lightweight :

  • recycled cardboard for the body
  • recycled plastic for the chassis
  • no hard roof and no door for you to be close to the environment
  • no built-in dashboard, but you use your iPad to manage car-D-board
  • narrow airless tires
  • bubble rim (air is trapped in lot of bubbles)
  • an engine limited to 400 cm3 accepts gas and air
  • maximum speed of 120 kms/h and weighing less than 300 kg



  • wind is an important energy in the world
  • future gas station will be built around wind turbines
  • the same engine can also use gasoline in case you haven’t enough compressed air and low battery.
  • an independent propeller is inside each wheel to create an additional source of electricity generation