Chitin Concept by Marcell Sebestyen, Hungary

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



Marcell Sebestyen is a third-year design student at the Hungarian Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Since his childhood, he has always loved cars and drawing, and these two were what made him choose vehicle design. His professional goal is to work in the automotive industry as a designer, because he feels that that is where he could unfold his creativity. This project was the first major competition in his life, and he hopes to work on many exciting projects in the future.


Chitin concept combines the light structure with  inner peace and silence. It is a real urban shell shield from the noises. Its appearance raises instantaneous amazement, and so its cutting-edge style characterizes its owner as well, just like a nice watch, piece of clothing or jewelry.

Chitin concept is a vehicle which equally combines sleek style and modern solutions. It was made for those, who want to fully enjoy driving and the beauties outside at the same time (be it an urban or country setting), without disturbing effects.

The whole body frame and its elements are made of leading lightweight materials. In the sleek interior, all controls have been replaced with a single touch screen, which controls and monitors all systems. Organic based solar cells is a technology currently under development, which has the advantage – as opposed to earlier solar cells – of being transparent, and it can utilize sunlight even in overcast weather.