Citroen BS BiRotor by José Eduardo Sánchez, Mexico

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



José Eduardo Sánchez is a young Industrial Design student at the University of Guadalajara, México. He has been fascinated by the world of transportation design from a very early age. He is fluent in Spanish, English, 50% French and learning German. His skills include conceptualization, freehand and wacom sketching, conceptual, mechanical and parametric 3d modeling and rendering.

Sanchez is the Co-Founder of MUST Applied Thinking and Partner and Chief Design Manager at Complex Geometry. He works as a Rhino, Tsplines, Grasshopper and sketch trainer through workshops all around México.

Has achieved many competition victories such as:

+1st and 2nd place in the National Automotive Design competition in 2009

+3rd place in the National Automotive Design Competition in 2010

+Finalist in designboom’s competition Renault 4 Ever

+Winner of Michelin Challenge Design 2013 “Lightweight with a passion”

Sanchez is currently chasing an opportunity for a Master’s Degree in Automotive Design.


The Citroen DS BiRotor is a lightweight 4-seater coupé designed to optimize urban mobility and fuel consumption. It uses strong lightweight materials and an efficient powertrain solution that optimizes fuel consumption and favors the pleasure of driving. This is a vehicle that responds to the customer wishes and needs by providing an attractive compact coupé body and perfectly finished interior, while its innovative powertrain will leave behind a greener future.

My design answers the anticipated preferences because it is very versatile and efficient. It is a hybrid of form and function that takes the best of the solutions offered in the marketplace today and combines them into a very efficient and functional product. It takes advantage of electric and internal combustion power, but eliminating the weaknesses of these technologies, such as recharging, emissions, fuel consumption and battery waste; by combining them in perfect harmony.

This vehicle is unique because every little detail is taken care of, from the laser headlights to the position of the exhaust and powertrain; every component in the car is designed to deliver the maximum performance and efficiency at minimum cost, to perfect the product little by little. It is a vehicle designed to take advantage of every atom of the resource it needs to function.