eLink by Jorge Biosca, Spain

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.


Jorge Biosca Martí, 38, has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a Master’s Degree in Automotive Design from the University CEU San Pablo, Valencia, Spain.

Biosca is a freelance modeler and design consultant. He works as a Product and transportation design development and consultant, collaborating at the  University of Valencia in the “Master in Styling and Conceptual Automotive Design”.

Previously, he co-founded Sure Design and was responsible for modeling. Sure Design is a Valencia-based design studio that collaborated with other major design companies for transportation design projects – cars, trains, airplane interiors and electronic goods. He had worked for Fuore Design as a senior modeler as well.

Biosca participated in design competitions: Nov. 2004 participate at the “Tokyo ID Forum” Design in motion and in May 2005, Featured in the “Car Styling Magazine No. 166”


The eLink represents a step forward in efficient mobility. This vehicle will satisfy the everyday higher demand of sustainable products.  The elink moves apart from the traditional vehicle architectures. Its simple and symmetric shape creates an iconic and singular look.

The elink  is a six-passenger light structure vehicle, with a highly efficient powertrain, combined with an adaptive camber control for tire rubber zone selection.

The main body of the elinK is a pre-stressed structure containing a single outer ring and six tensioners at each side with an additional one in the passenger floor; it has many similitudes with a bike wheel. The tensioners are pre stressed to achieve a rigid assembly with the minimum weight.

The 3m length, 2.5 m high, and 1.95m wide, provides enough room for six passengers.

The elink combines an electric engine, shock absorber and electric steering in a compact mechanism. This four engines and independent steering work seamlessly to satisfy the needs of security and drivability.

The integrated mechanism is connected to the body through a rotational arm that makes possible, combined with the steering articulation, the camber regulation. This camber regulation acts as a tire compound selector. It allows less grip but durability and minimum friction, or higher grip, needed in acceleration, turning or difficult conditions.

Distances became a pleasure to be made, in closed mode for difficult weather and road trips, or open mode for leisure, relax and fun.

With the relatively short length for a six-passenger architecture, the eLink will contribute to reduce traffic and parking problems in busy cities.

Sustainability is not only a trendy value, it has become a need in our lives. We have to be less dependent on energy and planet resources. If we need Half, then we will achieve double.