EV XO by Jeremy Helle, United States

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



Jeremy Helle graduated from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) with a B.F.A. in Industrial Design in 2010.  He also has an A.S. in 3D Animation from HFCC (Dearborn, MI). He is currently at HFCC working on his Catia V5 certificate.

Since his early teens, Helle has had a desire for automobiles and has always preferred classic cars over the majority of modern cars.  Some of the classic cars were such works of art, that he originally wanted to become a car designer just to be able to bring back one of automobiles from the past.


The EV X-O was designed with the family in mind and the travels they make in their lifetime. The vehicle will offer a smooth ride through most on-road terrain, while providing a true panoramic view for passengers. So, essentially as a family is driving to their destination, the passengers will be free to visually explore their surroundings through the comfort of their vehicle. Also by splitting the cockpit in two, there will no longer be bickering children in the backseats.

This vehicle is driven by pure electricity, the center of the vehicle has two hulls that not only offer the rigidity and support needed for safety, but the hulls also accommodate the Power Cells that provide the propulsion needed to get one to their destination. Though, while the front wheels are driving the vehicle, the rear wheels are recharging the Power Cells through friction. Even though a direct 1-to-1 Discharge to Recharge is next to impossible, the Recharge is approx. 15%.  Giving the overall distance traveled a little greater than expected.

By utilizing lightweight construction materials like Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Carbon Fiber, and Lexan, these are an essential first step for creating a lighter vehicle.  After that, removing excess material from the design of the automobile will drastically cut the weight. So my design eliminates as much of the excess material/components as possible, leaving only a cockpit and “exo-skeleton” of a chassis behind. Furthermore, I have replaced the conventional engine with a fully-electric setup that minimizes even more weight.

A light and airy exo-skeletal design, that offers a different approach to the vehicle world. It has an artistic influence based on being a minimalistic vehicle that even though the body lines are obviously missing, one can still follow the invisible lines that could classify it as the modern automobile. Though you may not be able to see the overall body lines of the car, they are still there. Lines do connect and intersect but just not in the conventional way.

The “airy” design also flows into the wheels, as there is plenty of negative space in them. The design was inspired by looking at the wheels of a bicycle, and wondering what multiple tires would be like stacked together.

Another key feature of the vehicle is its drive train, utilizing the use of a Linear Motor System. The front wheels have a series of linear Motors that will force discs on the wheel forward or backwards depending on the magnetic pull of the motors.