He2lios by Lucas Hernan Lopez, Argentina

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



Lucas Lopez, 31, was born in a small town in Argentina. After high school, he perfected his techniques of drawing and learning about design. He now has six years working as a designer and is currently working in his own small design studio where he is making a sports car called DONTO-P1. It might be the next rival Ariel Atom.


In Latin America, the anarchy of traffic is a serious safety problem. Fatal accidents are at a very high percentage. The region follows the trend imposed by the major countries which establish design trends and security. Helios adds to concept of “light and safe vehicle”, a method of conformation using chemical and biological resources as the porosity of the bones of birds and the helium light as an inert and noble Element.

He2lios is a play on words between “Helios” the Greek god a “Helio” the noble gas. He2lios does not try to be light sparing aesthetics. Through the intelligent use of the elements of the periodic table can be projected a vehicle consisting of integrals that alloys in a high percentage lighten the overall weight to challenge the acceleration of gravity on its 9.81 m3 in the whole area of the car.

He2lios integrates design, biology and composite materials to give identity to the vehicle. Whole design is based on techniques and current resources fabrication.

Weight means need for more power, more consumption, more wear on the friction parts. But those things are not necessarily linked to the comfort and security, usually the more powerful sports car is, the more safety features it has. But security there can also exist in elements which do not appear to be. The idea of a car half-hard, free of rigid rather than suspensions, glass and metals from the engines and smaller structures results in a long list of components that until now were unnecessarily hard.